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Those who have seen some of my photographic images  over the past years probably realize I am not so concerned with political or social statements as are many in photography. I do have a few images which fall in this area of photography and neither do my images seem to reflect a photo journalistic interest. For me most of them seem  better described as  personal snap shots.

A moment of obvious tension, SDS Days of Rage in Chicago 1969 at the event the Weathermen broke off.

Days of Rage, Chicago 1969

Visitors from Japan eating at Blondie’s Pizza in Berkeley. a personal moment distance from the above image which is a social moment.

Blondie’s pizza in Berkeley

What is Reality? Even if it seems people, including learned people, cannot agree on what is “Reality,”  it is a common belief that a photograph is a momentary record of it. Even when people see the same photograph and have different responses the analysis is that different people have different responses to the same thing, i.e. the thing is real, just different emotional responses.

alameda creek, fremont ca

These landscapes are not what many would describe as Real, still when  people see a tree, ground, walk, they are not really experiencing the visual but making the visual experience a literal experience. Where the visual experience is more unique to the individual viewer—it is more their own— the literal experience is more common and in that sense a language influences the ability of culture to redefine individual unique experience as a more common literal experience.

Alameda Creek

But the shapes and colors give these images an emotional feeling which is a part  in the actual experience and even when it seems “not real,” it is the presence of that not real feeling that you can understand how the invisible forces of culture or to influence homogeneity.

Alameda Creek

I would not call myself a Photographer or an Artist, rather a designer who uses the camera to make personal images. I do not care about full frame composition, or getting it exposed “properly ” in the camera, I may crop it, or adjust it or manipulate it.


There is no  “message” other than the image is visually interesting to me, and it may or may not be to you. Perhaps that is the main positive take away,  the viewer does not have  to find some meaning  to understand beyond the superficial experience of the visual image.

Fremont CA

A building being surrounded, hemmed in?, by two other buildings and the approaching cloud which will later be gone,

A building in San Francisco

The colors and shapes of leaves— one nice about having feet isa they can take me different  places—

my feet

you might see it as unreal, phoney, unimportant, distorted,   whatever, leaves, Should not photographs give some record of realty? some record of Truth?


What is it?  This is what I want to no.



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November 30th, 2016 at 8:22 am

Momentary realities

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BART is the public transportation  system built to transport  people to and from the suburbs to San Francisco, which was great if that is where people went but with the development of Silicon Valley in the South Bay area and only two bridges across the South Bay it no longer functions to fit the travel patterns of the residents.

Standing for BART

As a senior after a day walking  in San Francisco my knees and hips hurt but as in this photo below there are often, but not most of the time,  young women —you can see on sitting there between the two men— sitting in the seats specifically designated by federal law for special needs such as seniors, etc. Often but not too often, young people do get up and offer the seats to elderly people.

Listening on BART

Two days ago  was Thanksgiving and I am still thankful my feet can still carry me around to see all of these things whether on the way home  I get a seat or have to stand in minor pain.

I look forward to New Year’s Day when we just sit around eating special foods—such as squid shiokara, sen mai pickles,  salted mackerel—drinking special sake and watching Japanese films or tv shows. And most I enjoy using my shuki pottery, ekaratsu plates and guinomi and shigaraki  tokkuri.


Sake and Japanese food for New Year

Mission Peak in Fremont Ca,  can be seen from all over the South Bay area,  Its about 2400 feet and it is popular to hike up to the top on New Year’s Day.

Mission Peak, Fremont CA

Hawks like to glide in the air current and I once met a woman astronaut on top.

mission Peak,Fremont CA

A view along Alameda Creek, which runs near my house  and I usually “speed walk” four miles at least five days a week,  often six or seven. I moved my office home in 2007 and started  jogging the four miles but I cannot run anymore as it bothers my knees.

Then I used to walk the four miles in 54 minutes but at 71 years old it getting close to an hour, if I do not stop to talk along the way. But over the years I have met  many so people along the way that hardly a walk goes by that I do not stop to have a discussion.

Along Alameda Creek

One interesting and continuing  discussion over the past year was with a man who teaches Political Science at UC Davis. When Trump first announced he told me how the academic PolySci people were in bewilderment  at this and no one gave him any chance and for months each  time we would meet on the path he would report the increased bewilderment of the academic world concerning the snowballing popularity of Trump’s campaign. Since the election I have yet to encounter him on the trail but I am interested in  his comments.

One day in front of my house…work still done by the hands of men.

Fremont CA

Inline for coffee, this is the Starbucks across the street from a tall building in the financial district of San Francisco. The interior has been  remodeled lately to accommodate more customers but I liked the atmosphere and informality of the previous design. I usually schedule a stop here to use the bathroom.

Coffee line

This is the building across the street from the previous Starbucks, but be forewarned, it is an imaginary  view.

a building inSan Francisco

a building inSan Francisco

and on the Starbucks side there is a shrub which is  trimmed to mimic the shape of the building, but a ninety degree view from the previous image.

A shrub in San Francisco

Telegraph Hill and Coit Tower  in San Francisco. If you go one day be sure to see the beautiful WPA period paintings on the inside walls

Coit Tower, San Francisco,

A walkway to the front door of a house in San Franciso

House in San Francisco

Whether outside influences inside or inside influences outside, nature or nurture, sometimes it feels like Reality is just a momentary experience but its those moments I want more.

Looking out the window

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November 26th, 2016 at 8:11 am

Thankstaking, know giving

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And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.”

John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address, January 20, 1961

Just outside of Fremont—where I live— is an unincorporated area—where other people live —called Sunol which has a train station, post office and a place to eat. The train station is really for tourists who can ride back and forth through the Niles canyon— which links Niles and Sunol—on a sunny weekend afternoon. For many years a dog named Bosco was the mayor.


The train goes to Niles which has a an updated historic site  train station for tourists.


Niles is an  area of Fremont which used to be home to Essany Studios in the 1920s which made some Bronco Billy and Charlie Chaplin films and built some cute small bungalows for the temporary employees.


An old adobe building in Niles.

Niles CA

San Francisco has many hills and houses where you can see rooftops in a row

San Francisco

and tall buildings,

San Francisco

which can be seen from from different places

a building in San Francisco

in different moods

A building in San Francisco

and different weathers.

A building in San Francisco

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November 23rd, 2016 at 9:03 am

Sat down to swing a sad swong

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The response generated by last week’s election results…what to think? I am sure thoughts I have are no more enlightened than thoughts you had, or that others in the media had. Make up your own mind, remember, we can get along with each other if we obey the law and we can change the law through democratic means,as long as congress is willing to do their job, which  is to sit across from each other and negotiate meaningful compromises.

The view along Alameda creek near my house, a levee where I can “speed walk” about 4 miles/55 minutes, enjoy the outside, raccoons, squirrels, vultures, hawks, owls,  geese, ducks, herons, egrets and sometimes deer, fox,

nkAlameda Creek

while listening to The Archers daily drama anda podcast from In Our Time with Melvin Bragg

Alameda Creek

Downtown on Russian Hill,

A view from a hill in San Francisco

Somewhere west of Chinatown, not quite to Van Ness,

painting on an angel in San Francisco


San Francisco canon

Concentrated shopping, a feeling I cannot put into words,

San Francisco shopping

Holy doors!!

SanFrancisco doors

If you should think you have any hope of calling for rescue from this blog, foreget it, you have been left behind. This is the kind of respect the present has for the past.

Old and in the way

A place of line, color and texture.

San Francisco

And if I least foreget, or fourwarn, heart is wear the home is.

a building in San Francisco


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November 20th, 2016 at 9:03 pm

Exit with know entrance

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When days seem like dogs and windows forget memories,
Stars plasma voids no longer slight my soul
I will still be alone with my dreams full unfiled

There has been time  now to reflect on what has been done , Democracy on trial? Or a collateral  damage easily bought off. I did not forget it was Tuesday evening, I did not care. No one was to meet me, no one was near. I could have died, who nose when or where.

Devils be bared,

steve naegele abstract photographg

flower and house,


residential and finance,

San Francisco

wait and walk.

San Francisco

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November 15th, 2016 at 9:48 pm

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