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In my lonliness
my cane has been left somewhere,
an evening in autumn

Haiku Master Buson, translated by Yuki Sawa & Edith Marcombe Shiffert


Another day when life goes by so fast I cannot take in enough information to figure it out.  Still what I can see looks like war.

light misconverswayshuns with myself

Late afternoon fall sunlight brings a sense of fantasy. One afternoon  many years ago in a museum I was enjoying some Hopper paintings.  A group tour entered the room and the docent was talking about social meanings, artistic insight and the social sginificance of the images and I kept waiting for her to mention autumn light on buildings.

building in San Francisco

The financial district canyons feel mysteriously intriguing in the autumn afternoon sunlight amid foreclosures, bankruptcies and default credit swaps.

San Francisco buildings

The rollin’ hills

San Francisco street

San Francisco China town can seem like a fantasy,

San Francisco

Some subjects seem a little darker, more down to earth like going home in the late afternoon.

San Francisco

An individual effort, thank you

San Francisco

Even though you might not think so there actually are churches in San Francisco and they are often located  in residential neighborhoods.

San Francisco

You might think I sleep in a hollow log or hang dead cats on the line but3 actually I have the same unknown questions and empty answers that everyone else has.

light misconverswayshuns

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January 21st, 2017 at 7:16 am

Phake and shake well

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San Francisco is a visually interesting city to wander about. Its physically small, compact, and visitors can  easily walk around from one neighborhood to another.

San Francisco

I do not know about persoanl safety, even though I walk around alone carrying a camera—which has been grabbed more than once— and there a places where I am alert and careful and some places I avoid.

San Francisco

There are homeless people, one street I saw last week  off Van Ness had a line of tents staked out along the sidewalk but I would not avoid it. Its not a pleasant sight, one cannot be human without feeling a sense of sadness for the difficulties homeless people face .

San Francisco

The hills and  how the builders have adjusted to the ups and down and the challenges of changing angles shows many different unique solutions over time.

San Francisco

The car feels like a dog patiently waiting for the human to emerge.

San Francisco house.

An older male waiter with a large pepper grinder serving female “millienals” on the side walk. I don’t know if pepper from the grinder is any better but it makes an oppoprtunitiy for presentation which can increase the fun of the experience.  There are many smaller neighborhood cafes around the city providing venues of neighborhood community.

San Francisco

Still one is reminded of the uphill struggle of life. Its easy to take BART into San Francisco and get off aolmost anlywhere and walk around the neighborhoods, even enjoy just spending some time in a neighborhood , one of a kind, non chain coffee shop.

San Francisco

Below a chance meeting in Gallop NM, the only city in New Mexico in World War II standing successfully to prevent 800 American Japanese resident from being sent to camps. As you can in Gallup there is also an opportunity for fast bucks

Gallop NM

House in Centerville District, Fremont CA.  Fremont was a city emerging from five independent local political units  intentionally coming togther and creating a single large political unit. With its ethnic diversity it may seem a model for multilaterial globalization however most of the homeless are “white” and most of the “nonwhite people” are educated professionals working in higher than average income jobs.

Fremopnt Ca

The recent election for mayor and city council reflected a concern for local infrastructure issues surrounding development with the new mayor and at leasat two city council candidates successfully running on an issue of not receiving campaign donations from developers—our local brexit.

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January 18th, 2017 at 8:28 am

Knews knows and phake foe toes

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Line, texture,  color, shape
Around our house  is brown and green,
Earth colors daily waiting to be scene.
I would,  could, I do that thing.
Relieving my memories while you sing
Songs of ice and cream that restring
Those parted prisons of my screams.

We painted our house this year. its been over 12 years since we added on and the paint of the new part did not match the paint of the old part, as can be seen, but now it does, which you cannot see.

my house

plants and window,

my house

Persimmon tree—we have peach tree, persimmon tree, apple tree,  each provides fruit at a different time of the year and we still cannot eat them all.

my house

a ceramic hibachi used as a plant pot

my house

my house

The ferry to San Francisco

San Francisco ferry

arrives to find people activity on Embarcadero.

San Francisco Embarcadero

People and police  activity in Washington Square

San Francisaco

A vision of San Francisco from the ferry,

San Francisco

Goodbye San Francisco…San Francisco

Hello Port of Oakland,

Port of Oakland

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January 14th, 2017 at 8:17 am

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Phake photos phound

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I find it sad that the US government increasingly challenges sitcoms for daily ratings. Both parties, Democrats and Republicans, acting in unison against the people of this country, have created their  “best practices strategy” where the extremes control the positions and they hold out for the situation where they can impose their agenda on the other.  Political power is violence and laws require the use of violence to enforce them. Democracy needs laws which the majority of people can live with, not what a small group of people elected to congress want to impose on others. The job of congress is to work out meaningful compromises, but congress would rather hold out for the opportunity to impose their fanatical imperatives on people which resulted in laws which are not acceptable to large numbers of people. This the best practices of both parties to get elected,at the expense of this country and the  people in it.


I would find it unnerving to live in San Francisco, the reason? one time when I was young the brakes went out on a car I was driving, fortunately it was on a country road and I could just let it stop on its own. That was over 50 years ago and to this day when I am driving, approaching a traffic light, a stop sign, etc, I always test the brakes quite far away from the stopping place as I unconsciously scan for an escape route if the brakes fail.

San Francisco

Pizza  in North Beach


An afternoon oyster que on Polk St.

Dim Sum line in San Francisco


Afternoon light on a San Francisco door


Door in San Francisco

Apartment house in San Francisco

apartment house in San Francisco

Further away, a  country road out of Silver  City,


You might wonder if photographs are supposedly to be visual records of something real why do these images look so phoney? photoshopped?  perhaps reality is not my concern, or  like fake news, these are just “phake photos.” Or maybe you don’t wonder at all.

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January 11th, 2017 at 11:00 am

Know direction

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A flower for peace, and a political statement.  Any one who thinks a “warm” relationship with Putin is desirable is not only a fool but a traitor to the United States. For the US there is no relationship to be had with Russia, its only with Putin, a brutal dictator who has  severely damaged Russia economic well being for his personal agenda. He has shown the world he supports the downing of commercial aircraft, he supports dictators who use chemical weapons, he does not support the rule of law—I know this personally as once I bought a Canadian stock which successfully mined gas in Russia and Putin ordered the Russian court to confiscate it and gave it as a present for a  friend at Gazprom with my total investment lost.  Because Russia can never be a player in the the new global economic order he hopes to prevent the United States from successfully working with China to establish a viable global economic order. There is a lot of good to be had in  a relationship with the people of Russia  but Putin will never let that happen, the relationship will only be with him on his terms and his terms are the world should only be ruled  by  who ever is willing to act in the  most cruel and inhumane manner.

My observatjion  on Putin is when he accuses the United States of planning to do something bad, it means he is planning to do it. When he accuses the United States of having done something bad, he has already done it. A few days ago  in Pravda (the spokespaper of the Kremlin disinformation  project) one of the stories was that the United States was attempting to negatively affect the good relationship between Russia and China.  Using my basic standard from above it means  Putin is seeking  to prevent the United Stares from having a good relationship with China, and probably even dreams of a WWIII between the US and China.

There is no relationship to be had with Russia at this time it can only be with Putin on his terms which will be disastrous for the United States. The United States needs, first of all, to develop a working relationship with China on building a free and open global marketplace for the world to grow economically. Putin has shown that he lacks basic human values and is not politically competent to be involved in this globalization  effort  nor does he have an interest to be involved in it. His skill is bullying people, lying, supporting cruel dictatorships  threatening nuclear war and creating instability. Perhaps Trump has the same goal, the destruction of theUnited States.

That said I am 71 years old, the global political  future is not my personal problem, my personal problem being how to ensure that I have enough financial resources to get through to my death and leave enough for my wife and hopefully something for my son.


A single flower offers a peaceful starting place to redirect this post


Kiseto shuki. hundreds of years ago before the Seto-Mino area of Japan had realized high fire techniques in trying to duplicate Chinese porcelain  the potters created kiseto, perhaps the first high fire Japanese folk  pottery (kyoto style potters had already been making imari style porcelain for the non folk Kyoto elite). Kiseto was popular during the Momoyama period, later the techniques were lost and the past 50 years has seen a resurgence.

kiseto poster

House along Alameda Creek levee  where I (fast) walk four miles almost everyday.

alameda Creek levee

Waiting for who?

man and dog at The Hub

The Clarion Music Center, located on Sacramento Street  between Grant and Stockton in San Francisco’s  China Town is place for anyone “interested” in music. It has instruments from all over the world and even if you cannot play, the experience of seeing these instruments in person is worth the visit. The instruments  not only make unique sound but are  visually different and some are small, very easy to ”learn/figure out”  basic musical sounds and inexpensive. You could purchase one to hang on the wall and if you were so inclined occasionally when moved by music take it down and play along—such as a traditional tambourine from Africa or a set of maracas from South America.

Clarion music store in San Francisco

Mosaic on a San Francisco wall, a tile road to Eden or somewhere other than here.

san Francisco Wall

Riding BART home on a Saturday afternoon


The dark of the light in a Shado selfie

light misconverswayshuns with my shadow

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January 8th, 2017 at 9:58 am