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Saturday thoughts on the election;


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My wife makes this for me and its good with sake. Its called Kiriboshi Daikon when made with  strips of daikon and carrot but this one, made by my wife, also includes strips of fried tofu with a special sauce/dressing and she calls it  Diakon to Ninjin no Sunomono. And did I mention its GOOD with sake.



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April 23rd, 2016 at 8:01 am

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screen captures

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I got a new iMac last December and I have been slowing integrating it into my life. Often when I open an image in photoshop there appears an image which has visually has nothing to do with the actual image and I make a screen capture of it.  Here are a couple of them.

screen capture

screen capture

There are no applications for these images yet but they could go into the blanket format. Something new to try, Continuous tone compared to  pixels. Continuous tone is kind of like being a living  human is to science—Life is a continuous experience while science is the experience of breaking “things” into smaller and smaller “things.” The particles get smaller and smaller like the pixels get smaller and smaller and each pixel  image is more and more of them but like science we we never get to the final end.  Science keeps promising that once we get to the final “singular thing” “we will understand the universe but like Camus observed, its Sisyphus, every  time science gets to the top of the mountain—discovering a new smaller particle (or thing)—the rock rolls down the other side, and new things are now observed which must be understood.



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April 16th, 2016 at 11:44 am

Justice is beoned human ken, joe or bill

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Reflection in the tansu, the glass is quite old with imperfections and obviously thicker at the bottom, and,…


through a piece of plastic at a bus stop at BART.


One of the things about public property is that there are always some who would destroy it and some who would defend those that destroyed it.
And how little I know about who I am, much less who I was and who I will be, perhaps the next form I take will be dark matter or maybe a WIMP  moving through the universe with nothing to stop me from going anywhere I choose.

light misconverswayshuns


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April 10th, 2016 at 10:15 pm

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Thyme in playce

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One of the differences between a painting and photograph is that  in a photograph you know the photographer was there. Maybe the painter saw the image made by another photographer and then made a painting from that in the studio. On either side of the equation there could be too many options to consider, perhaps its best to consider the images as created on their own merit. Is there some reason to consider  the time spent experiencing this image is worth it? And people will have different reasons, either their choice.

Still much of “Great Art ” which is said to be  “universal” still needs some cultural explanation. Yet while the visual experience is appreciated by many, there are some who wish to attach words to it,  i.e. tell you what it “really means” usually for some social cause or because of their career… if you find yourself enjoying an image, just enjoy it, sometimes it can move you to think, or create, or enjoy… I like the classical  feeling of this plein air image.

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April 5th, 2016 at 9:50 pm

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Few along the western back

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Somewhere in  Cambridge, 1970, a little girl wandering dressed in blue jeans with oversized rain catchers.

girl, 1970

Up in Vermont about 1970 at the summer rental of Bobby Richkin,  second from left is Turtle and the couple to the right were pilgrims from Texas who joined us in Cambridge.  I have no idea who the others were or are, its about 46 years ago and these are all  people who had their own dreams, their own lives and their own successes and failures.  @KNOWLIVESMATTER! Still, dreams and demographics are not wise benchmark standards for outcomes. Thomas Paine was once a lobbyist for excise men before he came to the American Colonies.

Vermont, circa 1970

At this time, 1970, there were many alternative movers in Boston who advertised in the Phoenix weekly newspaper, Turtle Trucking was one of therm as well as James and I doing Interstate Movers and Larry and Lenard operating EZ Movers. We had small vans and could easily move  students and recent grads (of which Boston had many) who shared an apartment, and usually had a van of stuff.

And me again in more modern times, the nice thing about looking at myself in the mirror is that I  do not see the ever increasing bald spot.

light misconverswayshuns

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April 3rd, 2016 at 9:55 am

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