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One of the reasons I like pottery is that the potter makes something I can use in my every day life in a meaningful way and if I take care of it, it will last for a long time, usually until it breaks. With most of the stuff I buy that is made now its functionally out of date even when I buy it and its meaningless to take care of it. Even if I take care of my computer all the software is continually upgraded to new versions which will not run on the computer.

The idea of tools has changed. We do not own them, we just rent them and we have no control over them as they change at the whims of the engineers in some back room somewhere isolated, from me and, as I think, oblivious to how I use the tools. The things around me are continually out of date, and constantly being modified outside of my control or knowledge.

I listened to the “NYC Fed Tapes” podcast from  This American LIfe while  (fast) walking yesterday and  I believe the story is also available on ProPublica.org. I think its good to be skeptical about what I read/hear/see,  yet once again I am reminded that there are many people who have high paying careers, usually graduated from“elite schools” and do not do a good job at their work while moving up in their careers with titles which others show  (undue) respect.  Many people are very skilled at moving up in their carers while doing poor work at their jobs, and as you can hear on these tapes, even at the NYC Fed, people being paid big salaries at the expense of tax payers see doing poor quality work as doing good work—in the tapes they use the term “consensus building” to suggest that what sets the standard for the quality of work is what is acceptable to the group.

And that is why I like pottery.

streets of san francisco


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October 1st, 2014 at 8:21 am

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fine, ding me

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After making this what is it I want to say? Its just a photograph cut in half vertically, delete one side, duplicate the other side, flop on the center axis and join the two halves.

It came when I was so sad and I thought I have a real self and an ideal self and if I make a photographic image of my shadow and one side is the real self and the other side is the ideal self and I cut  the image in half and deleted one half, then duplicated the other half, then flopped it and joined the two parts, the  result would be an integrated self. Still I would not know if it was the empirical self or the idea self that was integrated. I just wanted to find love, instead I got these stupid images. Otherwise its just a plain old photograph made with a point and click camera.

For those of you that knew me when I did marcom work with MDL, the image in the top of the head is the logo for the 2005 Elsevier MDL user group meeting which was in Arizona and I designed an loge with a pueblo building with the arcs from the MDL logo. Eight years later I still have the vest and I wear it regularly during the winter.

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September 24th, 2014 at 8:27 pm

4tune or harm a knee

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light misconverswayshuns

Imagine your house bombed out by a missile, a drone or a bomb with people around you doing things which are so horrible they cover their faces to hide their shame. What does not make sense is we live in a world where to make a living is qualitatively more possible for an ever increasing number of people—get some education, get a job, watch your money and build some wealth. Even with injustices we have in the civilized world most people are qualitatively better off. And in countries  with western institutions, there is the possibility to redress injustices while avoiding armed conflict.

Still in other places around the world the SOP for dealing with problems is violence, revenge, and stability through strong arm dictatorships. Some of these would, if they could, not hesitate to use WMD. That is a possibility or perhaps just a matter of time. A short while ago during the recent Ukraine affair Putin threatened to use nuclear weapons. And some of these Islamic terrorists groups have shown both the inhumanity and ignorance that we can assume they would use them.

I was thinking when you see this shado reflected on a piece of plastic you might think its pretty stupid and forget for a moment about this other stuff.

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September 24th, 2014 at 8:27 am

When will machines make people obsolete?

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light misconverswayshuns

Maybe better said, “When will people make machines obsolete?” On one hand this is what those Islamic extremists want that try to bring a caliphate into being by cruel and inhumane behaviour. Or idealists that seek to make the world more sensitive, compassionate  and humane. Yet people still do cruel and inhuman behaviour but in the western world it is generally limited to criminal behaviour and not ideologies of political and social change.

Real Politick, there has to be a cultural connection between enough people to form a cohesive society. For the past sixty years we have seen the creation and proliferation of  well paying jobs attacking the institutions of this country. What is to be the effect during the next fifty years. I will not know and I cannot guess but I am sure it will not be like the predictions.

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September 21st, 2014 at 9:24 pm

Awe pair, ants

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Cool colors recede, a characteristic noted by  da Vinci when talking about using “atmosphere” in landscapes to create the illusion of distance. Cool colors also feel less active and feel like  slower movement. You can see in the small individual image how the orange, which is a warmer color just kind of races along leaving the rest of the image in the background.  Of course warm and cool are both relative and absolute. Red is a warm color however there could be a colder red next to a warmer red, etc. Complementary colors are a warm and cool color and sometimes painters will put a cool red next to a warm green, a cool orange next to a warm blue or a cool yellow next to a warm purple for visual interest.

shadoWeaver blanket

The original image used for the pattern:

light misconverswayshuns

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