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When I speak of light it does not mean that I ignore or deny dark, its just not much fun. I have experienced changes since I graduated from high school, duh, so have we all. Discerning red from read and here from hear I still was not moved to become a pillar of my community,

misconversations with my dark side

We were watching a film and one of us kept figuring it and critiquing  it and predicting what was going to happen, and talking all the time and it seemed to me this person was so busy talking he was  not experiencing the film, but categorizing and giving their analysis. Or maybe its just a different kind of experience. Does it make any difference. At night I often just pick up a book, open it up and read for a while, close it and go to sleep. But as I have ADD that is how I do it.

But visual things are different, I can experience without differentiating and defining  and putting things into some general category, i.e. I can just experience.


Often after a walk Sora would stand outside the door, I don’t know why, and after a minute or so would pass


she would lay down and stare at me and probably when she got hungry she would come inside—photo below influence of Ozu.

I do not know why people or dogs do things and why I cannot remember the future—I cannot remember what its like to be dead. and its likely when I am dead I will not remember what it’s like to alive.


However having fresh persimmons every year, as well as peaches and apples, from the trees in our yard, is a way I know by taste that I have survived another year.



And still life goes no,  with more stuff moving from one place in the world to another. These boxes represent different things to different people, perhaps a minimal income for someone with family in “third world,” a job for the tug captain and crew,  delivery to a big box store. At one time and for a big part  of human history most people lived completely in the their area and thanks to the innate curiosity of some people coupled with the business acumen of others from which evolved  this ever changing Earth with what seems to be an insatiable appetite for things, for some its cheaper and cheaper things while others find their meaning in having the most expensive things.


At one time and for a big part  of human history most people lived completely in the their locAL area and thanks to the innate curiosity of some people coupled with the business acumen of others from which evolved  this ever changing Earth with what seems to be an insatiable appetite for things, for some its increasingly  cheaper and cheaper things while others find their meaning in having the most expensive things.

Everytime a law is passed means a police officer has been notified that in their duties they may have to enforce the law which may mean their own live is endanger or they may take the life of another person. This is what it means when law is passed.

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August 21st, 2016 at 8:45 am

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Three months later…

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Its been over three months since I posted here. I bought a new printer last year on a special sale and finally after nine months set it  up and started printing. Getting old is a new frame of mind, When my parents retired they returned from Japan with a bunch of art and craft and everytime I visited them I deeply enjoyed tansu, pottery, prints, woodworking tools and more. About the time they reached the age I am now on every visit they were always giving me something and I could not understand how they could part such wonderful things.

During the past few months I stopped wanting to buy additional things, add to collections or even buy clothes as, except for socks and underwear,  I have more than enough to last me for the next ten years, even three pairs of my favorite shoes are still sitting fresh in their boxes waiting their turn. I usually bought clothes and regular daily items in quantity on sale—in the case of Levis and Reebock tennis shoes I generally bought them at regular sales of a specific store and since that store has been closed now for over  10 years I have never seen them at those prices again and I still have one pair of Levis yet to start wearing.  I don’t pursue business anymore so no need for suits, sport coats, and button down shirts much less a tie, my closet is full of things I have not worn for at least eight years.

waiting for a son in North Beach

Above is a mother waiting for her son to pick her up, and as  I waited and waited and she stood and stood  out there for about 40 minutes finally the son arrived in a chauffeur driven Lexus, hurriedly he jumped form he car, ordered the chauffeur  to load the items seen on the side walk and hustled mom into the car, and though the conversation was in Chinese it was obvious by his behavior he was late for something else—maybe 40 minutes of her time waiting  was not as important as two minutes of his.

I have always been an easy touch for musicians on the street whether dropping some money in a hat or buying a cd, perhaps just out of curiosity or support for the good cause. But I did not buy this one and  I will not buy anymore, I have too many records and cds, which I don’t listen to  much any more and when I do my regulars are Tchaikovsky, Miles or Mal Sharpe live at Yoshi’s celebrating Louis’s birthday.

So to this young hopeful musician I had to say, sorry I don’t do it anymore and best of luck.

musician hawking his music on Market street

The other day I took out Begger’s Banquet which for me is the best album they ever made,  its the guitar work that I like and personally I am grateful that Jumping Jack Flash was not included, its too commercial and superficial for my personal taste to be a part of this collection, and even so when the album came out I could already play a poor attempt at Robert Wilkins’ song in open D tuning,

The thing I like about Mick Jagger is when he is not prancing around (which I don’t really like as my taste is to listen to music rather than watch the floor show)and he plays a supporting musical role often on percussion, he plays it well and its obvious to me he has done the necessary practicing—i.e. sitting in a room somewhere doing something over and over and over until it gets right—to ensure they are a  band and not just background musicians to his performance.

To see this kid sitting on Market St around Civic Center in the afternoon, I wish I had something I could say, you probably do too, I am not sure we will ever understand much about why people do things, but linking demographic numbers with a political idealogy/agenda should not be allowed to pass for Sociology much less an understanding of social problems or human behavior.

photo by step e nacelle

I have two pair of work boots purchased in the 1960s which I still use for working around the house—wearing the boots last month  I did a treatment for subterranean termites where I dug a trench around the house, mixed up some Termidor, poured it in the trench and put the dirt back. I have a New England style 100% wool overshirt purchased from a military surplus store in Central Square  in 1970 for about $10.00—when I was in high school in New England most people had one for the wet cold—and a farmer’s denim jacket purchased at the same time which for the past 30 years has served as a slip on outer wear  for doing oil changes.

The election, I am sure you know which one I mean, the one which one of  the candidates has been actively running for over a decade.   For me, a leader would be someone who has the vision, commitment and ability to bring this country unite this country. In our political system congress and presidents, by their behavior, have established that “best practices”  for getting elected is to find issues that divide people,  maintain, nurture and grow them to polarize voters, pitting one American against another and get elected. Once elected one needs to maintain this polarization by nurturing and growing the problem, i.e. make it worse. The “best practice” here is to pass a law outlawing this behavior and then not enforce the law

san francisco

The job of congress is to work out differences that we can live with, not to tae these differences to create  irresolvable conflicts for their personal agenda, i.e. to get elected. By these two candidates who emerged from this toxic waste dump of  political  “best practices“ it is clear federal politicians have successfully  constructed a successful path for achieving their personal agenda at the expense of not only the people of this country but the country itself.

light misconverswayshuns with my self

Anyway, as I am 71 years old, I can just ignore this whole thing and focus on making some money in the market until that too is destroyed or I die, whichever comes first. It was the Dutch East India Company  that first began the institution of the stock market in western society where individuals could purchase and sell shares in a specific ship or company.



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August 6th, 2016 at 1:42 pm

Plain to simple color

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Finding colors in plain places  in San Francisco, a window corner,

window corner

a park play ground


and a window.


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Bits & bytes of a black and white memory

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On the Charles, circa 1970

Along the Charles, Boston,circa 1970

Buick afternoon, western Mass, circa 1970

Wewstern Mass

Post office 56112, Amiret, MN

Amerit, MN, about 1970

Burlington, ME, about 1971, someone lived in this house one time, maybe there were some happy memories, maybe some abuse, who can tell by looking at this image?

Burlington, ME

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Cows in clover

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Saturday thoughts on the election;


a passing note;


My wife makes this for me and its good with sake. Its called Kiriboshi Daikon when made with  strips of daikon and carrot but this one, made by my wife, also includes strips of fried tofu with a special sauce/dressing and she calls it  Diakon to Ninjin no Sunomono. And did I mention its GOOD with sake.



poster by steve nacelle

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