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Some of these things were made by hand while others by a machine. Machines tend to make “close to perfect circles”, and if we look around us we see hundreds of them everyday. In a sense we are used to seeing “close to perfect circles.”

For most of the history of human beings in common society very rarely did people experience “close to perfect circles” and yet now we consider them the “norm”. And what was the “norm, ” the “not so close to perfect” circles is considered abnormal. I wonder what this means for our “common mentality”—that sense of what what most of us commonly accept without thinking or reflecting on it critically.  Does the word circle mean something different to us, not the dictionary meaning, but that basic feeling which we use as a standard, a standard we do not bring out except when we feel something is not quite right.

In this case I suggest that our common  feeling about what we accept as s a circle has been qualitatively altered by the development of a common consumer  society, not only with products but also with packaging both of which which mass produce  these “close to perfect circles.”

The “not so close to perfect” circles were probably mostly natural and  hand made, and obviously the “close to perfect circles” were machine made. How has this affected how we think and feel about people and/or nature  and perfection? Do  we believe that machines do a more perfect job than nature or people in just making circles or has how we think of a circle and its common meaning also been altered?

Written by Steve

November 17th, 2012 at 9:54 am

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