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Fiscal cliff, not a cliff bar. It seems to me that this is an “issue” which has been “on the table” for well over 30 years and that the job of elected employees is to workout good compromises. They have failed to this, in simple words, they failed—refused might be a better word—to do their job and still every year they award themeselves a salaryincrease.

What is  arrogant about  the “fiscal cliff” is that last year these elected employees dreamed up this horrible scenerio and then they all agreed that if they did not do their job in 2012 they would punish us, not themselves , and indeed in February they will once again raise their salaries for failing to do their job.

And besides, most of them are taking market positions of some sort based on future press releases they will make.

For them “entitlements” are any time one of us gets a dollar or two based on what we already paid in;  for them taxes are only a personal   tool to use to get campaign donations.

Written by Steve

December 9th, 2012 at 11:16 am

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