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On my business web site (www.naegeledesign.com) I have some pdf files that can be downloaded from an html page. My site has been online for many years, and I regularly check the statistics on it. Robots are browsing my site, and pdf files are regularly downloaded. Except once I have never  received communication from someone that they had downloaded one of the pdfs.

Its reasonable to assume that at some point the robots  downloaded the pdf files. My question is—Where are the pdf files now?

Have they been deleted into nothing or are they sitting on some server  or storage drive somewhere,  occupying space, and doing nothing. I am sure that you have asked yourself the question “ Does a hard drive weigh more if there are no files saved on it or if it is full of saved files.

There is a Fibber McGee line where he says (my paraphrase,but the meaning is close):

“The thing I like about the newspaper is that you can read it and then wrap up the old fish in it and put it in the garbage.”

ps: I know I posted this image up before but I saw it again and its fun.

Written by Steve

January 28th, 2013 at 9:03 pm

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