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Bizen Mashiko Poster

I am not sure what Rosanjin means by “no learning,” certainly not formal learning as he was self taught master in sign making, calligraphy, seals and pottery as well as a gourmet chef. As a chef he was not satisfied with the  way the dishes presented his food to people and so he became a potter, mostly of  food related pots. He did not not start out becoming a “comprehensive” potter but  by  putting brush work on pots made by others. But his “unsatisfied attitude” drove him to be a  complete master of all aspects of making pots  in many traditional kiln styles.

Still he is proof that self taught can be one of the best and reminds us that “the best and the brightest” are excellent at doing “best practices” but for great people “best practices” at best at what everyone else is doing and at worst, a defense of failure—“I made it  to best practices standard, its not my fault if it doesn’t work.”

The Bizen tokkuri was made by Nakamura Kazuki, grandson of Nakamura Rokuro  and the Mashiko guinomi by Hamada Tomoo, grandson of Hamada Shoji.

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June 11th, 2013 at 5:44 pm

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