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Over the past six months one thing I have noticed on NBR is often if not more than 50% of the times, guest financial professionals when asked to be predictive about the economy cite one or two important variables and then add another variable which has nothing to do with serious investment strategies, but rather clearly say  that if congress does not stop their disfunctionalism that the economy will not  move grow, at least for the middle class.

I agree, and even though I am not sure what it means for congress to do their job,it seems pretty clear that for the past 40 years they have not been doing it, and they have been getting away with it because there is no way we can hold these  federally elected individuals responsible to do their job which is to work out tough and meaningful compromises representing the interests of their constituencies.

Instead they represent their personal agenda which may be disguised as political idealogy but is actually a personal agenda to get themselves re-elected  by taking issues for which we want  solid compromise/solutions and maintaining,nurturing and growing those issues , and as a a single group, Democrats and Republicans in a united effort , congress uses those positions to polarize  the country for their re-elections.

I guess the end not much we can do about and we need to appreciate maybe its better than the election processes and results in most other countries. However I think it is destroying this country.


Written by Steve

January 2nd, 2014 at 2:02 pm

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