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McLuhan tells the story of the two who  women meet on the sidewalk, one is with a baby carraige. The other  looks in the carraige at the baby and exclaims “ Oh  what a  beautiful baby !” to which the mother replies “But you should see the photographs!” That was in the 1950s.

And this month it was popular news that “selfie” was proclaimed a real word.

light converswayshuns with my dark side

These shadow images are kind of subtle with a light feeling. Can I see a reflection of my self in images of my shadow or is it just someone I was hoping I was at that click of the shutter moment?  I guess as I do not really understand who I am I will never know the difference. I mean, below could be my buddha and sanga., or maybe just some  childish reaction.

Light misconverswayshuns

Written by Steve

January 6th, 2014 at 6:39 am

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