The mission of Steve Naegele Design is to provide small and medium size businesses
an affordable means to enable graphic design to be a strategic investment
so they can be more competitive in the marketplace.


Many people looking for graphic design want to vist a site and get a price. I do not post prices here. For marketing projects to be successful the expenses need to fit the budget. Projects are different, clients are different and situations are different. After discussion, in which I learn about your vision for the project, I can give you a firm quote on a specific approach or discuss ball park numbers on different ways to approach it and you can decide which fits your situation.

A good designer has options for different approaches to projects and can suggest ways to get the best out of a budget. Furthermore I often find that when marketing has a vision, i.e. an objective and a strategy to realize that objective, preliminary discussion with a designer on design methods and pricing will result in a better final result.

Often on a specific project with a limited budget I can suggest ways to keep expenses down, give you an understanding of what it means as regards to the impact and basically my price may be less but my price per time will not be. In other words a lower price does not necessarily mean less quality in the work. And actually every project is really different.

When the design creates a visual tension and resolves it, the design becomes visually interesting.
This is usually enough for most graphic designers. But when the resolution of the visual tension implements the
marketing strategy, then the design becomes a strategic tool for marketing.


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