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The fastest acceleration would be to insert the sample into the pipette and out comes the final product. The purpose of this ad was to reposition customers from perceiving Velocity11 as a maker of machines to a maker of solutions. Previous ads featured a machine as the main visual.

On seeing this ad the subject matter is clearly communicated intuitively. The graphic is visually interesting and unique because it juxtaposes two things not usually together (actually probably never together)—the tool for researching large numbers of samples and the final product. Even though its a metaphor, its not second hand and the relationship between the content and visual does not have to be explained, i.e. thought about by the reader. Literally and visually the image takes you to the meat of the ad.

The reader never has to think how to read the ad and does think about the message of Velocity11.

There are also banner ads, including single image, animated gifs, a Flash banner ad of the stuff coming down the pipette and filling up the pill in the animation section (see animation) and an html e-mail (see direct mail). The pipette /pill illustration was created in Illustrator as a vector graphic using the gradient mesh tool.

Click on the ad to see a hi-res pdf of it.


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