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Conference materials, such as for a user group conference may have a visual graphic. A logo can be used productively to give visual meaning, establish identity and generate branding on mailers, shirts, give aways, binders, WWW sites, advertising, signage and other materials. The logo has a short life span and does a different kind of work than a corporate logo.

Budgets are much less, and it need not have the kind of subtle visual depth of a corporate logo. It can help to focus on the theme of the conference or it might have a different theme, such as something visual related to the location of the conference. Often regularly held conferences are held in different locations. Over time logos which use a consistent graphic look and feel can result in a fun collection.

This logo is for the Velocity11 User Group Meeting in Barcelona, famous for Gaudy architecture. This logo is based on the Sagrada Familia, the towers of the church resemble pipettes (with a drop emerging) and the rose window resembles a screening plate. Pipetes and screening plates are tools of Velocity11 customers.


Velocity11 User conferenceVelocity11 user conference


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