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Many companies provide educational services for their customers so that they may keep up to date with the product. Classes are held where attendance is small and the content may vary from one class (customer) to another. However the product, such as proprietary sofware, may be expensive and while it is important for educational services materials to communicate effectively as well as visually feel appriopriate for the product, these efforts have smaller budgets than other marketing materials

Often these efforts may be seen as out of the scope of marketing and their budget. Additionally sales may use educational services as incentives to customers and customer education —i.e. their ability to use the product effectively—is very important to maintain and build future customer relationships.

The above logo was designed for MDL Educational Services. At this time squares were associated with ‘electronic bits of information’ and learning is generally associated with thinking. The company makes software, so the feeling was about “learning software.” This logo won an award of Merit from American Corporate Identity. The logo played an important part in the design of the various pieces, as you see.

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