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MDL packaging, including outside sleeves, manual covers, manual inside matter, and cd. Read the detail below.

There were 13 product groups, each with a number of different products. Each product group had been designated its own color or in some cases two colors in the development of designs for the brochures and data sheets. In preliminary sketches designs which were different than the brochures and data sheets were explored, however the because of the preliminary sketches the client saw the branding value in maintaining a consistent visual presentation and the product packaging used the same design and graphic as the brochure and consistent with the data sheet.

Before beginning this project the project manager and I visited three different kinds of customers and explored various factors associated with recieving, distributing managing and storing the products.

This project involved:

1) developing the design format for the packaging;

2) designing the content matter for the manuals;

3) creating the manual style sheets and working with the inhouse manual writers to develop aviable design and establish Frame Maker templates;

4) developing templates for the inhouse graphics person to create the softwarefiles for black type over prints for packaging and manual covers and teaching him how to do it;

5) creating an illustrator template for the cd.

Both 4 and 5 involved creating a software template so that someone could easily change the product name, version, etc, and and send the file directly to the printer. This also involved teaching a novice how to use the correct functions in QuarkXpress and Illustrator.

There were two size sleeves that were slipped over the boxes which contained the cd, manuals and other information. Because of the market make up this client had expensive desktop software but not high quantity sales. They wanted the package to look good, i.e. four color process printing but needed to maintain cost. All sleeves were preprinted 4 color with no black for product name, sub head, version or logo. Then using an inexpensive printing process the black was over printed on call, as needed, JIT. Furthermore I developed a way to preprint one flat one image, trim it and glue it to the bigger or smaller size sleeve.

The manual covers followed the same design format and the cds, for logistical reasons were printed in one color, black. 7" x 9" manuals and boxes looked the same from the front. In designing the manuals, I examined each existing manual ( about 15) , listed the different elements—heads, sub heads, body copy, bullets, diagrams, screen captures, call outs, etc, reviewed the list with the tech writers, made modifications to the list, designed the inside matter, reviewed it with the tech writers, made miodifications to the design, finalized the design, created the design manual and set up the template in FrameMaker, reviewed with the tech writers to make sure that they could use the template, made modifications and finalized.



mdl package Large box

mdl package deisgnmdlpackage design

Sample of boxes and manual covers.

mdl manual designmdl manual deisgn

Manual cover and interior of manual.

mdl package deisgnmdl cd deisgn

Quick reference manual and cd.


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