Neuraltus www site

This site was designed for a first round funded bio tech with a product to be released sometime in 2011. The graphic elements in the design of the site focus on the relationship between chemistry, the doctor and the patient. Regarding the image of the people above, this was an RF stock photograph and the arms and body of the left and right people were not part of the original image and were created. Click on the image to go to the site.

Most of my web site work over the past ten years has been done in conjunction as the design partner working with my corporate clients who had programmer staff do the production. Those samples are not here as they belong on corporate sites and copyright questions are involved, who designed what and often the parts I designed were time dated such as landing pages or sites for marketing promotions or designing in a partnership.

Like all desgn projects I work with my clients to develop the design (of the site) in sketches and these sites that you see here I have also produced. I design the site, do the front end production work and some backend such as php and MYSQL for gathering and processing information from forms. As an individual designer, I may oversee outside professional site developers or coders to do more complex back end programming. Like everything else, the design of the site is completed in sketches and approved before we begin the production.

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